National Fun at Work Day – inject a little fun into your employees’ work lives!

January is a difficult month for most people, the post-Christmas blues are still holding a firm grip and it is a long wait for payday and warmer weather. It’s no surprise that January is the most popular month for people to think about what they can change to make the year ahead and their lives better. Low bank balances, weight gain, job envy, colder weather and an empty social schedule can all be motivation to change.

But there’s no need for employers to feel blue too. January 28th is National Fun at Work Day! We spend a large proportion of our time at work so why not take advantage of this unofficial holiday and inject a little fun into your employees’ working lives?

Having fun at work can boost employee motivation and engagement. It can help to improve your company culture which in turn, can improve staff loyalty and increase retention levels. This can save you money on recruiting and ultimately, boost your business outcomes. Happy employees = happy customers!

Think about fun activities which can make your employees smile for the day, do whatever works best for you and your organisation! Why not encourage a fancy dress day, a baking competition, play a team game, have a film afternoon with popcorn provided, host a family fun day, or even just encouraging them to leave early for post work drinks.

And don’t forget to share whatever you do on social media! People love to see themselves as the face of the company – as well as current clients and potential customers seeing what a great employer you are!


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