Help your staff beat the New Year’s blues

It’s no great shock that January is the prime month for people to reflect on their lives and consider the changes they can make for the better. Low bank balances, holiday weight gain, job envy, miserable weather and an empty social schedule can all be catalysts for change.

Now the excesses of Christmas and New Year are over and you are back to work, it’s likely that some of your employees will be feeling blue, looking for a new job or may even be experiencing personal problems that affect their wellbeing.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. As an employer, your people are your most valuable asset. And talented, loyal employees enhance productivity and motivation, making them crucial to your organisation’s success. There are many things you can do to help make the transition into the next year an enjoyable and stress-free time for your employees. Here are our top tips:

1. Don’t let Christmas overspending get your staff down

  • Consider running workplace financial education and planning programmes.
  • If you provide an Employee Assistance Programme, remind staff it’s there.
  • Provide access to free support with debt management.

2. New Year, New You. Help your employees feel good this year

  • Help with healthy eating.
  • Encourage exercise.
  • Work toward your Corporate Social Responsibility goals with a charity challenge.

3. Plan something for employees to look forward to

  • Show your appreciation for their hard work over the festive season.
  • Encourage colleague networking.
  • Let them have fun! Organise a team social and get everyone together.

4. Think about others and give something back

  • Encourage recycling.
  • Give staff a volunteering day.
  • Waste less resources.
  • Hold a charity fundraising day.
  • Donate unwanted Christmas gifts.

5. Remind them what a great company you are to work for

  • Use the fresh start as an opportunity get feedback.
  • Help them grow and develop with training and development programmes.
  • Offer benefits to make their lives easier.
  • Communication is key! If you offer employee benefits, make sure you shout about it!

These are just some of our tips for a happier workforce, you can read the full e-book ‘Practical tips to help your staff beat the New Year’s blues’ to help you boost your staff motivation, loyalty and engagement, and ultimately boost your business.
Simple steps that can help your employees start the New Year with a bang!


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