Creating business partnership opportunities

We are always looking for like-minded organisations to partner with

Are you an HR consultant, payroll provider or employee benefits specialist who’d like to enhance your existing client proposition? Then we’d love to hear from you. Mybenefitsatwork could be just what you need to support client retention and generate new business.

Giving you a competitive edge

For you, Mybenefitsatwork is a high-potential, revenue-boosting vehicle.

For your clients, it represents a hugely cost-effective and powerful employee engagement tool.

Each site you commission will feature two logos – yours and your clients’.  A powerful indicator of how Mybenefitsatwork can help you attract, retain and grow relationships with your employer client base.

How you benefit

We firmly believe that offering your clients and prospects their own bespoke benefits site can add significant value to your proposition.  All with minimal involvement on your part because we will:

and maintain your client's site for you

All gain, no pain

Offering Mybenefitsatwork means that you can enhance your status as a valued business partner, regardless of your size.  So with each client that you introduce to Mybenefitsatwork, you can enjoy:

an additional revenue stream
the prospect of renewal income (once offered, very few clients withdraw Mybenefitsatwork)
sticky business – by creating a popular, much-visited employee site that carries your logo, your role in supplying that site will always be top of mind for HR and management
a highly attractive and affordable addition to your service offering for existing clients
an image enhancement – in the form of a powerful marketing tool to attract new clients