A bespoke employee share plans portal

Engage your people with share plans

If you offer share plans to your people, this is a great way to help them develop a healthy saving habit. Encourage your employees to join the schemes you offer by informing them of the advantages of the plans, through a sophisticated portal that will keep them engaged from launch to maturity of the schemes.

Our share plans portal educates employees on the schemes you offer – Save As Your Earn (SAYE), Buy As You Earn (BAYE) and/or Discretionary Share Plan (DSP). Your online education could also be complemented with bespoke educational seminars and webinars, focused on specific share plans offered.

We understand that financial products can be often be hard to understand. That’s why we use plain English, everyday language in the way we communicate; we take an often complex subject and make it simple, easy to understand and fun.

As an employer you want:

as many employees as possible to join;
potential and contributing savers/investors to have one place to find out all they need to know;
and the tools to guide people, simply and clearly, so that they can make informed choices.

Our solution:

Our comprehensive employee share plans portal will help you communicate your schemes effectively and optimise take-up. It features:

short and engaging animations;
case studies;
and calculators.