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The employee engagement portal for your people

If you invest in your workforce by providing them with an employee benefits package, surely you want to see a return on your investment. You need to make sure that your employees are aware of and understand the value of their benefits, so they feel happy and appreciated.

Our employee engagement portal uses everyday language to explain complex matters in a way that’s straight forward and engaging, it not only features a range of informative pages on each benefit provided but it also hosts:

a pension calculator;
a financial wellbeing assessment;
a dedicated financial concierge service;
a bi-monthly newsletter; and

A flexible solution

Whether you need a complete solution to showcase your benefits and support your people’s wellbeing, or just a cost-effective and engaging way to promote your share plan scheme, our employee engagement portal can work for you. It’s completely modular, so you can pick and choose the sections relevant to you, that suit your people’s needs.

Group of people working together

Take a look at the benefits

Customised with your logo and brand colours
Available 24/7 on any device
Features a translation tool, so employees with English as a second language, dyslexia, low literacy or mild visual impairments benefit too
The website reaches all employees independent of location
Secure and seamless access to the website via single sign on or individual login
Employees can only see the benefits they are entitled to
It frees up your HR team’s time, as they can always refer to the website if they have any questions
Educates employees on day to day financial matters through the financial education module
If you offer employees the chance of buying shares in your organisation, you could add a bespoke Share Plans module to promote your schemes and encourage employee take-up

We are more than a benefits portal

As we are part of Secondsight, our multi-award-winning employee benefits and financial wellbeing specialists, we are able to go beyond a typical benefits platform. Our employee engagement portal can provide further information and guidance, which tends to increase communication and engagement levels amongst employees.

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Bring your
benefits to life

Engage your employees with their benefits package

Support your employees’ financial wellbeing

Empower your employees to take greater control of their finances

Promote your
Share Plan

Encourage healthy saving habits and optimise employee take-up