Encourage your employees to make the most of their benefits during the summer

Employers are always thinking of creative ways to support their employees’ mental health and reduce stress in the workplace. Summer can be a great time to remind employees of the benefits you offer them. As some will take time away from the office to rest and recharge, it’s important that they are aware of any employee discounts and voucher schemes, which could help them plan holidays and enjoy unique experiences for less.

It is also just as important to ensure that employees who choose to stay in the office (during popular holiday seasons) can benefit from the company’s flexible working arrangements and any other benefits that can support them in developing a healthy work-life balance.

Getting your employees engaged during the summer doesn’t need to cost a lot. Apart from promoting your cycle to work scheme, gym membership and retail discounts, you could also add less costly perks which will add value to your benefits package. This includes:

• team outings/gatherings – take advantage of the sunny days and warmer weather and treat your team to a lunch at the pub nearby or simply organise a picnic at the local park;

• free fruit (or ice-cream) in the office – in this hot weather, nothing beats a nice ice-cream to cool us down and, for those who don’t want to ruin their diet, a piece of fruit would be equally appreciated;

• relaxed dress code – simply allowing your people to dress more casually and comfortably to suit the weather could make them happier, relaxed and more engaged; an

• leave early on Fridays – help your employees to enjoy the weather outdoors with their family and friends by allowing them to leave an hour earlier on certain Fridays. This simple initiative will increase levels of appreciation and contribute towards a balanced work-life lifestyle.

A study published last year revealed that 73% of UK employees want employers to do more to motivate them. So, don’t be shy about shouting about the comprehensive benefits package you have put together for your people. After all, if you have invested in a benefits package, surely you want to see a return on your investment.

The way you communicate these benefits is as important as providing them. A multi-channel approach is always recommended. Technology – mainly benefits portals and apps – plays a big part in getting your message across efficiently. Technology also allows your employees to easily access the information digitally, in their own time. However, employers must promote the portal on a regular basis and, preferably, also implement single sign on or individual log ins; this would allow employees to access the portal quickly and easily as they wouldn’t need to remember their password every time they try to learn about their benefits.

We have recently upgraded our employee engagement portal, Mybenefitsatwork, so now it not only features the benefits relevant to each individual, but also has a financial wellbeing hub to help employees take greater control of their money, improving their overall wellbeing. If you are interested to find out more, click here.


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