5 top employee retention strategies

You dedicate a lot of time and effort on recruiting the right employee for your company. However, with the millennial job hopping culture, employee retention is increasingly becoming a challenging HR issue.

To ensure that you keep your best talent happy, it’s crucial to understand their aspirations and what is important for them. Here are some strategies that could help you to succeed in this task:

Career development opportunities
Work satisfaction is more important than money. Offer your employees the chance to grow in their chosen field by empowering them to develop the skills they need through effective training and leadership.

Flexible working
Enable your employees to have a better work/life balance by embracing flexible working. This also shows that you trust their capability to manage their workload. Research has highlighted that flexible working improves employees’ productivity and performance, so it’s a win-win situation.

Great pay and benefits
A good salary, combined with a tailored employee benefits package, will make your employees feel more appreciated. Just make sure they know the true value of the benefits you offer by communicating this effectively.

Regular and constructive feedback
It’s important for your employees to know how they are performing and where they need to improve. Equally, it’s essential to listen to their feedback about the company as a whole. This will not only keep them happy but will also help the business to move in the right direction.

Communication and engagement
Understand what engages your employees and put in place an effective communication plan. Employees like to be kept in the loop with what is happening in the organisation and how they can get more involved. They also need to be reminded about the benefits of working for your company, so make sure that you spread the word.


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