Employers face challenges communicating benefits to workforce

Image of Employers face challenges communicating benefits to workforce
Author: Reward GuidePosted: 8th June 2017

With over a half of employers (52%) offering a variety of benefits to their employees, benefits packages are no longer what is lacking –  but rather proper communication of those perks.

The research, conducted by Mybenefitsatwork, found that HR professionals continue to use traditional methods of communicating their employee benefits package, with almost half (47%) relying on utilising a staff handbook, 43% communicating through employee inductions, 34% via face-to-face presentations and 15% by email.

These methods are simply not getting through to employees and 95% of respondents agreed, acknowledging that they need to find additional methods to communicate their employee benefits.

Ian Bird, founder and director of business development at Mybenefitsatwork comments: "It is important to communicate face-to-face where possible, but for a variety of reasons it is not always feasible. And even when face-to-face communication is an option, employers should consider a multi-channel approach to reinforce the message. Using a variety of ways to communicate with employees will reach the widest audience possible."

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* January 2017 – Mybenefitsatwork commissioned Censuswide to conduct a survey which was completed by 250 UK HR Directors and Managers with 50 to 5,000 staff.