How do your employees know that you care about their wellbeing?

With mental health problems taking its toll on employees, and costing UK employers approximately £2.4 billion per year due to sickness absence alone, employers are having to think of ways to tackle this common workplace issue.

It’s encouraging to see that conversation and awareness surrounding mental health issues are constantly increasing. It’s even more encouraging to see employers offering a variety of benefits to support their employees’ wellbeing, ranging from gym memberships and flexible working to income protection and access to employee assistant programmes.

In fact, our latest research highlighted that 52% of employers offer a benefits package because they want to look after their employees. However, there is a gap between the benefits on offer and employees knowing what is available for them.

There is a need for effective communication

Our research has also uncovered that 9 in 10 HR managers/directors face challenges when communicating benefits to employees and 95% of respondents would like to communicate their benefits in additional ways.

This presents a great opportunity for employers to engage with their workforce in different ways, not only face-to-face, where possible, but also through new technologies. The aim is to ensure employees know the benefits they are entitled to, so they can make the most of it to improve their lifestyle and wellbeing.

It’s time to stop relying on employee handbooks or inductions only when it comes to showcasing your benefits. We are all increasingly using tablets and mobile devices to view information every day. So why employee benefits should be viewed any differently?

Technology has the ability to overcome certain HR challenges, helping employers to:

  • Reach most of their workforce independent of location;
  • Keep employees up to date and engaged very cost-effectively; and
  • Free up the HR team’s time.

We will be hosting webinars to demonstrate how Mybenefitsatwork portal and its new financial education module could support employers’ wellbeing and engagement strategy. If you would like to join, please click here and choose one of the sessions.


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