Your employee wellbeing programme should be effectively communicated

Adopting a holistic approach to employee wellbeing makes business sense; it’s important to focus on the physical, mental and financial health aspects.

Recent statistics from CIPD has revealed that 31% of employees surveyed have experienced mental health problems while in employment. And half of respondents who describe their mental health as poor, have taken time off work for this reason.

Employers should encourage an open culture to enable employees to talk about their condition without fears. This could also help line managers and/or the HR team to spot early signs of poor mental health. The research has highlighted that only 43% of employees have disclosed their stress of mental health issues to their employer.

Worryingly, 26% of employees don’t know what support is provided by their employer. This means that organisations must work on improving their internal communication system, ensuring that employees know what to do when facing challenging times.

At the end of the day it boils down to putting the best possible wellbeing programme in place, and then using effective communication to make their employees aware of it. It is not simply a case of picking an attractive sounding list of benefits. Businesses need to select benefits to help build a healthy and happy workforce.

Research that we have conducted  indicates that 80% of staff would be more loyal if they understood their benefits. It is therefore vital to develop and maintain a communication strategy to keep employees fully engaged.

On Wednesday 5th October at 1pm, we will be hosting a webinar entitled: Promoting your employee wellness programme effectively.

The webinar is designed to provide HR professionals with some learning objectives, these are centred around:

  •  Wellbeing in the workplace, and boosting a wellbeing strategy.
  •  The latest research on mental health.
  •  Communicating a wellbeing programme effectively.

If you would like to join us, please reserve your space by clicking here.


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