Providing employee benefits on a budget

It’s widely recognised that employees who are happy in their job work with passion and pride. One of the best ways to keep employees motivated, is by offering a generous benefits package. However, it doesn’t need to cost you a fortune.

As the cost of recruitment is much higher than retention, it’s important for employers to hold on to what they have got. Here are some ideas of benefits that you could offer to your employees without breaking the bank:

Flexible working hours

This will enable employees to keep a healthy balance between their working and personal lives. For example, you could allow your staff to work from home sometimes or simply let them start and finish work earlier.

Negotiate special discounts with local businesses for your employees

This could vary from a hotel, restaurant or attraction. By offering these sorts of discounts, you would be encouraging your employees to relax and enjoy their leisure time whilst not paying full price.

Casual Fridays

A “dress down Friday” can make the employees feel more relaxed just in time for the weekend, whilst showing off their own personal style.

Christmas Party

Help your employees to get into that festive spirit by organising a Christmas party. This will also give the opportunity for senior managers to thank everyone for their hard work in an informal and relaxed environment.

Paid volunteer days

This will enable employees to give something back to a community whilst being paid for it. As a result, you could see happier employees with a great sense of achievement.


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