Get your new recruits off to a flying start

The new year is recognised as one of the busiest times in the job market. As new recruits get ready to join your team, are you confident that you have an effective induction programme in place?

Hiring a new employee can be time-consuming and costly so it’s important to get them settled in and working productively as soon as possible.  So, a well thought out induction programme is a must. It can help to create a positive impression of your organisation which in turn, can help to motivate new staff. Good induction programmes have also been shown to increase staff retention because they create a stronger sense of commitment and engagement.

When a new employee is able to understand the part they will play in your overall organisation, they will settle into their new role and become productive sooner.  An effective induction can help to build better communication between employer and employees and help to keep your people well-informed and happy.

Here are our top tips to help your new employees feel valued and wanting to keep coming back;

  • New staff want to ‘fit in’ so during their initial meeting talk about the culture inside your organisation. Provide them with an overview of your business and an explanation of the organisational structure.
  • Cover off all housekeeping essentials such as parking, the location of the kitchen and washrooms, ID cards, office supplies, fire exits and company rules.
  • Start with the basics. Don’t overwhelm new employees and cram everything they need to know into a one-hour session. People will become productive sooner if they are confident in the basic knowledge they need to do their job. Focus on the why, when, where, and how of their role before handing them any assignments or projects.
  • Set achievable goals within the first month.
  • Implement a ‘buddy’ system where the new employee can go, to seek advice and assistance. Partner them with an appropriate colleague who will be able to provide support and coaching as they settle into their role.
  • Provide a list of FAQs with a contact person or department, and phone number or extension. This should always include the number of the IT helpdesk. And don’t forget to include photos!
  • Start as you mean to go on and help them settle into their team by taking your new employees to lunch on their first day and encourage their new colleagues to join you.

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