Dog friendly workplaces – work like a dog or barking mad?

It’s becoming more common to hear of some of the big players to allow office dogs. Companies like Google, Ben & Jerry’s and Amazon are all welcoming our furry friends into the workplace.

For many of us, a dog would be a welcome addition to the family but when you are work full time it is unfair on your pet to be cooped up at home alone all day. As a nation of dog lovers it makes sense for employers to let (well-behaved!) dogs accompany their owner to the office as a benefit to employees.

It’s not only useful for dog owners; there are a whole host of benefits to employers and employees from allowing man’s best friend to come to work:

  • Improved health – taking your pup out for regular toilet breaks and lunchtime walkies is good for health and keeping active. Not to mention the health benefits from taking regular breaks away from a computer screen and exercise can boost creative thinking!
  • Enhanced morale – who wouldn’t feel better about their employer if they can regularly have cuddles from furry friends throughout the day?
  • Encouraging colleague networking – colleagues will be more inclined to introduce themselves to one another if a dogs has run up to them first!
  • This fosters relationships and also it can encourage staff take regular breaks from their desks during the day to visit pups around the office.
  • Lower stress levels and blood pressure – playing with or stroking an animal during the working day is reporting to boost stress relieving hormones.
  • Dog owners will stay in the office longer – by not having to rush home to take their dog out means they can spend more time working.
  • Improved opinion of employer – employees who are allowed to bring their dogs to work will have fond feelings of their employer, boosting their motivation, productivity and overall engagement.

As a responsible employer you need to consider whether allowing man’s best friend in your workplace is a good idea for your organisation. A dog in a factory or in the retail industry probably isn’t going to work. Certain dogs with issues or some breeds may not take well to be in an office environment. Also don’t forget about those people with allergies or phobias, you don’t want to upset anyone.


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