A great company culture + engaged employees = a winning formula

The culture within your organisation can be an important factor in improving employee satisfaction. Because after all, your employees often spend more time at work with their colleagues than they do at home with their families.

Engaged employees are proud of the place they work, not just your end product or service. But importantly, proud of what it means to be a member of your organisation. Engaged employees also tend to feel a greater connection to their company.

If you can create a positive, supportive and fun atmosphere, employees are more likely to stay at your organisation for the long-term. Your culture should reflect the shared values of your employees.

An environment where your people feel valued, heard and enjoy a great working atmosphere is essential to employee engagement. Your company’s culture should inspire your employees to achieve great things. It’s the most powerful way to find, build, and retain an engaged and high-performing workforce. Here are some simple but effective ways to help you build a winning culture;

  • Define the guiding principles of your organisation and ensure that everyone is aligned to your company’s mission, values and performance.
  • Make time for fun. Quiz nights, happy hours, team picnics and rounders matches in the park are great ways to get your people together.
    Encourage a company culture where everyone treats each other with respect.
  • Set up regular team-building activities. They can help to build long-lasting relationships among employees and ultimately increase employee retention.
  • Support corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes. Giving something back to charity goes a long way to show that your organisation cares. Let your staff fundraise and volunteer their time for your chosen cause.
  • Don’t forget that your leadership team sets the tone for company culture. So, it’s essential they embody the type of company you want to be.
    If your culture isn’t where you want it to be, don’t be afraid to make changes.

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