Communication is key to retention

I wasn’t surprised to read that lack of communication in the workplace is the main reason why employees decide to leave their jobs.

Employees need to understand their employer’s vision and their involvement within the organisation to feel engaged. They need to know they are valued and that their work is essential for the business success.

However, a recent survey revealed that 41% of employees want more opportunities to grow within their organisation. It was also interesting to see that employees surveyed are also calling for more flexible working opportunities to improve their work life balance.

In times of uncertainty post Brexit, keeping employees engaged has become more important than ever. And no doubt, regular communication is vital to achieve this. It’s crucial that employers listen to employees by developing an open two-way communication channel. This will also help to promote a positive workplace culture.

Unfortunately, due to lack of time, resource and money, many employers inevitable fail to communicate with employees effectively. If that’s is your case, then take a step back to reflect how employee engagement could improve your organisation’s productivity and performance. You will then realise that the investment could be worthwhile.

If implementing an employee engagement strategy is in your plans, then take a look at our e-book ‘revolutionise your employee engagement strategy’ to find out more.


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