Raising pensions awareness

As a society, British people are facing a major challenge, we are not saving enough for the future. While we would all like to retire at a reasonable age, the truth is we are just not doing enough to make that happen. A recent government report showed that as many as 12 million people are simply not saving enough for their future.

With it being Pensions Awareness Day today, employers across the UK have the best possible opportunity to educate their employees on saving for their retirement.

The lack of interest in saving for the future may lie in the fact that pensions are not the most exciting topic to discuss. So how can employers get the pensions message across?

Ian Bird, founder of Mybenefitsatwork and business development director of Secondsight explains “There is no right answer to this but explaining any financial matter in plain English and using different methods to deliver the message is essential. Our latest research entitled The workplace communication challenge revealed that 9 in 10 HR professionals face challenges when communicating benefits, which includes their pension scheme. Also, 47% of the respondents still communicate their employee benefits through a handbook, which is unengaging and gets out of date very quickly.”

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