Keep ahead of the tech times

Attitudes to staff health are changing almost as fast as the technology we use on a daily basis. Canny employers make sure that the two are combined for an effective strategy, says Ian Bird, founder and director of business development at Mybenefitsatwork.

“Workplace wellbeing is today’s hot topic, and increasing numbers of employers are addressing it in different forms. Recent research conducted by our sister brand, Secondsight, indicates that 55% offer their staff access to a wellbeing programme and that 52% offer a benefits package to their employees because they want to look after them.

Our recent research has also uncovered that nine out of ten HR directors / managers confirmed they face chal­lenges when communicating their benefits to employ­ees. The main challenge cited was a lack of time (by 20%). Earlier research we undertook highlighted that employers believe their staff would be more loyal if they had a full understanding of their benefits package, reinforcing the need for effective communication in the workplace.

We are a society that has become dependent on our mobile phones and tablets, communicating through them, buying things and using apps for work-related activities. The number of UK smartphone users in 2016 stood at 42.4m and this is set to rise to 46.4m by 2018.

However, I’d suggest that many employers have failed to keep pace with the technology, with many of the traditional techniques for communicating workplace initiatives not always delivering the best outcomes. A multi-channel approach is always recommended.”

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