The workplace communication challenge

9 out of 10 HR leaders tell us they face challenges when communicating their benefits package to employees.  The result?  Wasted benefits budget and an underperforming ROI.  Great communication should use a variety of methods but this is not always feasible.  This report highlights the challenges, the methods used and some suggested solutions.

Top 5 tips to boost employee engagement

It’s widely recognised that employees who are happy in their job, work with passion and pride. They are more productive and creative and make better team players and leaders. Engaged employees also tend to feel a greater connection to their company. As a result, absenteeism levels amongst this group are typically lower.

Tips to maximise employee engagement in a digital world

Poor communication is one of the major factors in a disengaged workforce. A lack of internal awareness can leave staff unsure of what is going on within the company and unaware of how any changes may impact them. Ultimately this can lead to an unhappy workforce.

Revolutionise your employee engagement strategy

If your people are happy, then this will shine through in their work. They will deliver a better service to your customers and help to drive your organisation forward.
Having an engaged workforce can have a positive impact upon your service levels, customer satisfaction and ultimately, your bottom line.